An Analysis of Thai Sport Science Academic Journals: From 1965 to 2017

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Pannatorn Woottipriyatorn
Chutima Sacchanand
Pot Chaisena


Abstract Purpose To analyze the management andcontent of Thai sport science academic journals. Methods The population included 6 academic journals carrying 277 issues and 2,347 articles published from their first issues until the end of 2017. Research instruments consisted of an academic journal record sheet and a sports science content record sheet. Descriptive statistics, including frequencies and percentages, were used to analyze data. Results Most Thai sport science academic journals were published semi-annually during 1997-2006 by sport science higher education institutes. The first sport science academic journal was published in 1965. The main objective was to disseminate knowledge. and contents in the field of sports science. All academic journals were peer-reviewed, had an article writing template, employed the APA reference format and were available in print and online. The highest number of articles were written by three authors who were instructors with doctoral degrees and affiliated with higher education institutes which published the journals. Most of original research-based articles were derived from the authors’ theses/dissertations mostly in the field of exercise and sports physiology, followed by sport management. Conclusion Most academic journals were issued by sport science higher education institutes, with the main objective being to publish original research articles. The highest number of articles were written by three authors with a doctoral degree and instructors' academic position and were derived from thesis and/or dissertation in the field of exercise and sport physiology and sport management.


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Woottipriyatorn, P. ., Sacchanand, C. ., & Chaisena, P. . (2022). An Analysis of Thai Sport Science Academic Journals: From 1965 to 2017. Journal of Sports Science and Health, 23(1), 67–81. Retrieved from
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