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Karat Srimuang
Chatchai Chatpunyakul


Purpose: To analyze the motivations to attend sport event of Thai Football League 1 audience..

Methods: A sample (n = 400) of this research comprises a Thai League 1 audience in 2018 who are older than 18 years old, both male and female. The researcher conducted a survey from professional football clubs that were competing in the league and in the highest five number of audience in 2017. This study employed Independent t-test to analyze the difference of gender and ANOVA to analyze age groups with a significant level at .05.

Results: The results showed that there are more male respondentsthan female. Most of them are aged from 26-35 years old. The highest level of motivations to attend the Thai Football League 1 among the respondents is Vicarious achievement, followed by the Drama, Physical Skills, Aesthetic, Knowledge, Team identification and Community identification. When analyzing fan motivation and spectator motivation, the difference between male and female was found significantly at .05 level. In addition, from the results of the mean difference analysis by one-way analysis of variance statistics using Scheffe method, it was found that different age ranges had different motivations for attending Thai Football League 1.

Conclusion: When analyzing motivations to attend sport between fan and spectator motivations, the respondents who attendedthe Thai Football League 1 had higher level of spectator motivation than fan motivation.Furthermore,male and female were found to have different motivation to attend Thai Football League 1. Finally, different age ranges were also found to affect different motivation to attend Thai Football League 1.


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