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Chalothorn Siangsai


Purpose: For studying the motivation of the people in Phetchabun during the spread of Covid-19

Method: This research uses a purposive sampling of 400 people who exercised during the spread of Covid-19. The instrument used in this investigation has passed the examination for the content validity from five qualified experts. The value for content validity is 0.60-1.00 and the precision value is 0.90. The experiment was analyzed using the methods of frequency distribution, percentage, average, standard deviation, t-test, and one-way ANOVA.

Results: (1) In general People in Phetchabun province with COVID-19 epidemic have a high motivation for exercise (mean=3.71), the intrinsic motive is extremely high (mean=4.28) and the extrinsic motive is moderate (mean=3.14). (2) People in Phetchabun's intrinsic and extrinsic motivation are statistically relevant to exercise 0.05. (3) and when comparing males and females, intrinsic and extrinsic motivation are statistically different 0.05, with males creating greater intrinsic and extrinsic motivation than females. (4) The criteria for preventing the COVID-19 epidemic in Phetchabun by exercise is moderate (mean=1.22, SD=0.35).

Conclusion: The criteria for preventing the epidemic with COVID-19 of people in Phetchabun by exercise is moderate, but the motivation for exercise was high. The motivation for exercise of people in Phetchabun with COVID-19 epidemic has impacted the choice to choose the suitable exercise. Thus, the government and private sectors should develop policies and plans for areas that meet the needs of the people, such as facilitating motivation by applying an application for timing, booking, and making safety for people exercising in Phetchabun.


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