Thai traditional medicine and herb for dysmenorrhea relief


  • Nuanjan Jaiarree Department of Applied Thai traditional medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Thammasat University


Dysmenorrhea, Thai medicinal plant, Thai traditional medicine


The incident rate of dysmenorrhea of aldolescent thrives showed more than 50%. The principle of treatment ofdysmenorrhea in modern medicine normally used modern drugs for reducing pain. For Thai traditional medicine principledivided to be two periods of dysmenorrhea as before and the period of the menses. Thai traditional knowledge believesthat the causes of dysmenorrhea are from four birth element, the history of the behaviors in the past, and symptomsso the herbal remedies for dysmenorrhea treatment are established for each patient and also depend on the cause fromthe patients history. By this reason, the fi rst step of dysmenorrhea treatment was using herbal drugs to excrete wasteblood which deposited in their body. After that, the patients had to get adaptogenic remedy for balance their healthand following with blood tonic remedy. These Thai plants in each remedy had scientifi c data for supporting reasonableusing of Thai tradition remedy for reducing pain from dysmenorrhea symptoms.

Key words: Dysmenorrhea, Thai medicinal plant, Thai traditional medicine


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