A Model Development of Active Measures to Prevent Stress of Elementary Teachers in Private Schools


  • T Kasiphol Ph.D. candidate
  • S Kietinun Department of Thai Traditional Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Thammasat University
  • J Pattaraarchachai Graduate Study Program, Faculty of Medicine, Thammasat University
  • T Chartananondh Department of Psychological Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Thammasat University
  • S Yutdhachana Officer of the Private Education Commission. Ministry of Education


model development, stress, elementory teachers, รูปแบบกิจกรรม, ความเครียด, ครูประถมศึกษา


Introduction: Teaching is one of the occupation with a high stress. High stress can cause physiological, psychological and behavior problems. It is important to develop learning process model, of reducing and preventing stress for elementary school teachers in private schools to enhance their quality of life.

Objectives: To develop a model of active measures to prevent stress among elementary teachers in private schools.

Material and method : Participatory action research was conducted among 670 elementary teachers in 26 private schools of the second Pathumthani Education Service Area from May 2005 to March 2006. By using questionnaire and group process (informal and formal group meeting).

Results : The first phase,429 out of 670 teachers (60.4%) respond to questionnaire. 174 (40.6%) had moderate level of stress. Apart from result of stress test, association between demographic characteristics with stress of elementary teachers in private schools showed that there were significant difference in association between education with stress at 0.05 level (P<0.05).  The second phase, by using the concepts of participatory action research. On the teachers who had at least mild level of stress who were willing to participate in this study, showed that the model development process were able to reduce the severity of stress and to protect stress among non-stress. Thus, this model development of active measures which composed of four steps, planning implementation monitoring and evaluating, applied informal and formal meeting can reduce and prevent stress of elementary school teachers in private school.

Conclusion and recommendations : By applying the concepts of participatory action research and integrated concept of group process techniques between informal and formal meeting of activities is an effective model in reducing and preventing stress among elementary school teachers. However there should be further study both in other private schools and public schools to see if this model would work in different contexts of stress.

Key words : model development, stress, elementory teachers


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