The relationships between activities of daily living, exercise behaviour and quality of life in older persons with coronary artery disease

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This research aimed to examine the relationships between the activities of daily living, the exercise behaviour, and the quality of life in older persons with coronary artery disease. A probability sampling by lottery method without replacement was used to recruit a sample of 94 older persons with coronary artery disease, who were followed up at the outpatient department, Faculty of Medicine, Vajira Hospital, Navamindradhiraj University from August to October 2018. Research instruments included a demographic information form, the Barthel ADL Index, the WHOQOL–BREF–THAI survey, and exercise behaviour questionnaires. Data were analysed by using frequency, standard deviation, Pearson’s correlation coefficient, and Spearman’s rank correlation coefficient.

The results revealed that the total mean score of quality of life was at an intermediate level (  = 90.28, S.D. = 12.75). The factor levels of education, activities of daily living scores, age, and marital status were significantly related to quality of life in older persons with coronary artery disease (r = .251, p < .05; r = .329, p < .01; r = -.299, p < .01; and r = .225, p < .05, respectively). Thus, the older persons with coronary artery disease should be encouraged to perform daily activities. In addition, their spouses should be encouraged to participate in caring for and providing support to older persons with coronary artery disease performing daily activities on their own in order to enhance the quality of life of these older persons.



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