Prevalence of Postpartum Depression and Related Factors among Teenage Mothers, Nopparatrajathanee Hospital

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Mayurat Rukkiat
Pranom Poolpat



This study aimed to examine the prevalence and factors related to postpartum depression in teenage mothers. The samples were 128 teenage mothers, aged between 14-19 years old, who had a 6-week postpartum during a visit at Nopparat Rajathanee Hospital. The data were collected through research instruments including record form of demographic information, pregnancy and delivery history and psychosocial information, and the Thai-version Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale. Descriptive statistics were used to analyze prevalence rate of postpartum depression. A chi-square test was used to analyze the relationship between factors and postpartum depression.

The results showed that 25 out of 128 teenage mother samples had postpartum depression (19.5 %). Factors were significantly related to postpartum depression were family life, dizziness, flatulence, constipation, pigmentation during pregnancy and previous depression. Nurses should consider these factors in developing a care plan or guideline to prevent depression in adolescent mothers.


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