Effects of Group Art Activity Program on Self-Esteem and Depression Among Older People in a Social Welfare Development Center for Older People

  • Panjawat Joomlee
  • Sahattaya Rattanajarana
  • Waree Kungchai
Keywords: Older adults, self-esteem, depression, group art activity


          This quasi-experimental study aimed to examine the effects of a group art activities program
on self-esteem and depression among older adults in a Social Welfare Development Center for
Older Persons. The sample was persons age 60+ years old who stayed at a Social Welfare Development
Center for Older Persons. Twenty-four participants were assigned equally into the experimental and
control groups. The experimental group received the group art activity group program while the
control group received usual nursing care. Data collection instruments included the Rosenberg
Self-Esteem Scale and the Thai Geriatric Depression Scale. Descriptive statistics, independent t-test,
Repeated measure ANOVA, and multiple comparison test by the Bonferroni method were employed
for data analysis.
          The results showed that self-esteem mean scores of the experimental group at the post-test
and follow-up period were signifcantly higher than those of the control group (p < .001). The
depression mean scores of the experimental group at the post-test and follow-up period were
signifcantly lower than those of the control group (p < .001). These fndings suggest that nurses who
are responsible to run group art activities for older persons in a Social Welfare Development Center
for Older people could apply this group art activity program in order to increase self-esteem and
decrease depression among older people.


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