The development model of Comprehensive Covid -19 Response Team in community of Bangkok Matropolitan


  • Rujira Tragoolpua Institute for Urban Disease Control and Prevention Department of Disease Control
  • Nitirat Poonsawat Institute for Urban Disease Control and Prevention Department of Disease Control


Model development, Integration, COVID-19 Comprehensive Covid -19 Responds team


The objective of this action research was to develop the model of comprehensive  Covid-19 Reponse team (CCRT) in community for preventing and managing COVID-19 in 50 communities of Bangkok during 1st  July – 30th  December 2021. The study was implemented in 3 phases which were 1) Conducting community situation analysis of which study subjects were purposively selected from district offices, Division Health Department Bangkok 68 Public Health Center, community key leaders, health volunteers, local volunteers, security units and community warm clinics. Included study subjects were those of 60 years old or above 2) Developing and piloting the model of Comprehensive Covid -19 Response team (CCRT) based on the 4 step-theory of Kemmis& McTaggart (1988) namely planning, action, observation and reflection.  3) Evaluating the model effectiveness by investigating 4 rational and empirical aspects namely usefulness, practicality, optimality and correctness through qualitative analysis and drawing lesson learnt. The study results showed that in phase 1: Situation analysis; the trend of infected cases was increased, infected clusters occurred in congested communities, low number of immunized populations, Delta covid variant was prevalent, patient-beds crisis and low coverage of case screening. The model of active operation needed to be developed and launched in populous communities. Phase2: the Development model of COVID-19 preventing and managing team was launched actively in communities.Bangkok Metropolitan, health facilities and other related organizations corporately conducted home visit along with home health survey including risk group immunization, ATK primary screening and in-time referring infected cases to proper treatment. Phase 3: the effectiveness of the model was evaluated and found that since the implementation of CCRT, endemic trend had decreased periodically and the problem of failed -referred cases was solved.Therefore, Policy makers are suggested to support the integration of different sectors in considering recent laws or regulations to efficiently facilitate their integrated practical operations in order to establish common standard guidelines. The adjust of the local financial system is also suggested to facilitate comprehensive management effectively.


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