The implementation of a smoke-free campus policy at Mae Fah Luang University

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มัลลิกา มาตระกูล
อรนลิน สิงขรณ์
นาตญา พแดนนอก


This descriptive study explored  the  implementation of a smoke-free campus  policy at Mae  Fah  Luang  university.  Participants were purposively recruited. They were  29 academic officers, 14 nursing students who were no-smoking club leaders, and 18 students who were current smokers. The in-depth interviews and focus groups were performed  in  data collection. Results indicated that the implementation outcomes of  the smoke-free campus policy from the year  2009 to 2017,  were  at the good level. These  outcomes included;  1) The organizational structure:   a 100% non-smoking university was declared, the working committee is clearly defined and the bottom-up process was mainly used in most of the operations. 2) The process: building of motivation  was used as the major strategy in helping students to quit smoking. 3) The outcome: the students who had smoking behavior, were  satisfied with the helping to quit smoking of  student leaders.


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มาตระกูล ม., สิงขรณ์ อ., & พแดนนอก น. (2019). The implementation of a smoke-free campus policy at Mae Fah Luang University. Thai Journal of Nursing, 67(1), 11–18. Retrieved from
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