Determination of the levels of entrustable professional activities for graduated nurses

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Krongkeaw Rastsadondee
Sulee Tongvichean
Chonticha Chonsawat
Wilai Tapasee
๊Uthaiwan Thienfaidee
Kanitraporn Prakobkit


The purpose of this descriptive research was to determine the levels of entrustable professional activities  for graduated nurses.  Delphi technique  was applied to  collect data. A group of experts comprised of  nurse instructors  and  professional nurses in health care service from the governmental  and private institution.  The research  instrument was  a questionnaire  with 147 skill  items and 5-point rating scales. It was validated by 3 experts, its index of item objective congruence (IOC) were between 0.67-1.00.  The descriptive statistics was used in data analysis. The results showed that 75 out of 147 skill items were at the fourth  level (graduates could practice by their own under distance supervision) (51.02 %), 49 skill items  were at the fifth  level (graduates  could practice by their own  without supervision) (33.33 %),  18 skill items  were at the third  level  (graduates  could practice under available supervision) (12.25 %), and only 5 skill items were at the second  level (graduates could practice under closed supervision) (3.40 %). 


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Rastsadondee, K., Tongvichean, S., Chonsawat, C., Tapasee, W., Thienfaidee๊., & Prakobkit, K. (2020). Determination of the levels of entrustable professional activities for graduated nurses. Thai Journal of Nursing, 69(4), 50-59. Retrieved from
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