The Role of D2 Gastrectomy for the Treatment of Primary Gastric Lymbhoma: 9- Year Experience at Ramathibodi Hospital


  • Chakrapan Euanorasetr Department of Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, Ramathibodi Hospital, Mahidol University, Bangkok


Background: Primary gastric lymphoma (PGL) is a relatively rare disease. Several reports have discussed the therapeutic benefit of various treatment strategies for PGL. The role of surgery in the management of localized PGL remains controversial. However, few studies have been based on patients accurately staged by systematic lymph node dissection.

Objective: The aim of this study was to evaluate the therapeutic efficacy of D2 gastrectomy with curative intent for PGL. This is the first report of the result of D2 gastrectomy for PGL in Thai patients.

Materials and Methods: We retrospectively reviewed the clinicopathologic features, surgical outcome, morbidity and mortality in 12 patients with PGL who underwent D2 gastrectomy with curative intent during the period between May 1995 and October 2003.

Results: Diffuse large cell Iymphomas in this homogenous group of patients were all localized diseases (stage I, II1 or IIE), Endoscopic biopsies revealed malignant lymphoma in only 6 patients (50%), Total gastrectomy and subtotal gastrectomy was each performed in 6 patients. Five patients underwent D2 gastrectomy alone, whereas seven patients received postoperative adjuvant chemotherapy. The morbidity rate was 25% and there was no operative death. The median follow-up time was 60.4 months (ranged 24-103 months). At the last follow-up period of at least 2 years after surgery, all patients were still alive. Ten patients (83.3%) were alive without disease and 2 patients (16.7%) were alive with disease relapse.

Conclusion: The results suggest that surgery remains the appropriate frontline therapy for localized PGL.


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