Two-staged Keyhole Approach for Skull Base Tumors


  • Thirasak Puenngarm Prasat Neurological Institute, Bangkok, Thailand


petroclival tumor, anterior foramen magnum tumor, keyhole approach, minimally invasive technique


              Most of skull base tumors are conventionally approached by skull base technique. During a two-year period (1998-1999), seven skull base tumors comprised of 6 petroclival tumors and one anterior foramen magnum tumor were operated by a two-staged keyhole approach at Prasat Neurological Institute, Bangkok, Thailand. The patients' age range was 6-75 years. They were 5 males and 2 females. Total tumor removal was achieved in 4 cases. All patients except one which preoperatively bed ridden, showed improvement their neurological functions. There was no mortality except some morbidities; 2 brainstem ischemia which persisted in 1 case, 1 transient cranial nerve III deficit, and 1 cranial nerve V dysfunction that caused facial numbness. This 2-staged keyhole approach is an alternative approach for some skull base tumors and is a minimally invasive technique comparing to other approaches.


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