Brain Needle Biopsy


  • Sanguansin Ratanalert Department of Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, Prince of Songkhla University, Hat-Yai, Songkhla, Thailand 90112
  • Nakornchai Puenpathom Department of Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, Prince of Songkhla University, Hat-Yai, Songkhla, Thailand 90112


Brain biopsy, computerized tomography


               Though the advance in neuroradiological technique have provided a sensitive tools for early detection of intracranial lesions, histological diagnosis is still necessary for definitive and proper management.

                Needle biopsy of the brain utilizing computerized tomography (CT) scan data was performed in 41 patients at Songklanagarind Hospital during April 1987 to March 1995. The size of lesion ranged from 20 mm to 90 mm. There was 88 per cent accuracy in histologic diagnosis. In the nondiagnostic group, the lesions were at brain stem in four and cerebellar in one. Tabulation of complication revealed no  incidence of scalp or bone infection, 3 per cent incidence of insignificant postoperative bleeding and one patient developed postoperative hemorrhage leading to coma and died at 1 month later. We concluded that: where stereotactic surgery is not available, the freehand technique assisted by CT scan, data can be an extremely useful for performing biopsies of many brain lesions.


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