The Result of Proactive Colorectal Cancer Screening in Lamphun Province


  • Baramee Boonlert Department of Surgery, Lamphun Hospital, Lamphun


FIT, Colorectal cancer screening, Colonoscopy


Background: Colorectal cancer is a highly common cancer and is the cause of death in the world and Thailand. Researcher and leader of the team developing the cancer service system developed a proactive colorectal cancer screening in Lamphun Province 2018 - 2022.

Objective: To study the results of proactive colorectal cancer screening in Lamphun Province.

Materials and Methods: This retrospective study is designed to examine the results of proactive colorectal cancer screening using the FIT, which was considered the first investigation and confirmed by colonoscopy. The target group is the general public aged 50 -70, and the data is analyzed using descriptive statistics.

Results: The results of the proactive screening for colorectal cancer use a fecal immunochemistry test (FIT) cut of 100 ng/ml. Screening by providing services at nearby hospitals when FIT results are positive; registering the colonoscopy appointment on Google Sheets; and performing bowel preparation at the community hospital. Proactive screening found that we were able to screen patients thoroughly in each area, which is not different. Compared with research statistics, there is no statistical significance; the p-value is 0.288. It shows that colorectal cancer screening services are accessible to all areas, even in remote areas, and results from colonoscopy found colonic polyps at 32.09% and cancer at 1.13%. Relevant medical personnel agree that proactive screening methods in Lamphun Province should be used as a standard approach for colorectal cancer screening.

Conclusion: This study demonstrated that proactive colorectal cancer screening has been adjusted from initial screening with the FIT and colonoscopy appointment system. Bowel preparation system. Suitable for the context of Lamphun Province.


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