1. The reference format has to be APA (American Psychological Association). (Details for references)

     - All Thai documents as references have to be translated into English. (Details for translation)

  2. Authors have to follow the format of Veridian E-Journal.  Authors can download the article template as the below links.

Download Template


  3. Academic and research papers have to be set top and left margin of 1.5 inches and bottom and right margin of 1 inch. The font has to be TH SarabunPSK and size of 15 points. The paper length is limited to 15-20 pages of the A4 paper. This includes figures, tables, references, and appendix.

     3.1 The title has to be centered as TH SarabunPSK and size of 18 points. It has to have an asterisk sign (*) to show article purpose in the footnote.

     3.2 Each paper has to present all author names without name title. The author names has to alight right margin and has two asterisk signs (**) to show an academic position (if any) of all authors, affiliation of all authors and e-mail address.

  4. Article content

     4.1 Academic articles have to consist of abstract, introduction, main content, conclusion, and references.

     4.2 Research articles have to consist of abstract, introduction, research methods, results, conclusion and references.

  5. Figures. Charts, and tables have to be inserted in article content with numbering and citation. They must not concern piracy. The color has to be black and white tone and clear. Slides and drawing should be drawn by indian ink or file formats (.JEG and .GIF) or printed pictures from a laser printer.


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