1. To deterrent plagiarism, the Graduate School, Silpakorn University requires authors who submit manuscripts to the Veridian E-Journal present results of plagiarism check from Akarawisut program (https://plag.grad.chula.ac.th).  The results have to be attached to manuscripts. They will be sent to reviewers for consideration. This has begun since April 2, 2018.


  2. The submitted manuscripts have to be academic and research articles of graduate students, instructors, researchers, and academics from educational institutes.


  3. Submitted manuscripts can be Thai or English.


  4. Manuscripts have to follow identified format of the Graduate School. The manuscript is limited to 15-20 pages of the A4 paper.


  5. Authors have to submit manuscripts via ThaiJO system (Thai Journals Online system). Authors can see all details in the title of Application and Submission.


  6. Publication Fee
      When manuscripts are accepted by peer reviewers to publish in the Veridian E-Journal. The author has to pay for publication fee as 2,500 bath per an accepted manuscript. All lecturers of Silpakorn University will be excepted for the publication fee, if the accepted manuscripts are not a part of students’ graduation. Since July 1, 2019.


  7. Submitted manuscripts have never be published anywhere. If manuscripts are accepted to public in the Veridian E-Journal, authors must commit for no publication elsewhere (Exceptionally, authors get documentary agreement from the Graduate School, Silpakorn University). Authors must accept any harmful consequences of their repeated publication.


  8. The Graduate School will not accept articles that do not follow the guidelines and the format.


  9. Submitted manuscripts will be considered by two reviewers as peer review. Reviewers are not affiliated with the same institute as authors. The articles will be publication after reviewers decide to publish them.


  10. After the Graduate School receives comments from reviewers, it will send the comments to authors via e-mail.


  11. Authors must correct their manuscripts following comments of reviewers and send corrected manuscripts as .docx or .doc files to the Graduate School.


  12. After the Graduate School receives corrected manuscripts from authors, it will inform results of consideration (Accepted letters) to authors. This is in cases of reviewers’ decision to publish articles.


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