An Effective Location and Organizational Structure of Institutional Research Offices within a Higher Education Institution: A mixed-Methods Research Study

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Ong-art Naiyapatana


                The primary purpose of this mixed-methods research study was to identify factors classifying locations for and contributing to an effective office of institutional research (OIR) within a university organizational structure. Using the integrated results of a sequential explanatory mixed methods (QUAN ® Qual) design for this purpose, the study also aimed to develop the effective organizational structure of OIR that fit its mission, logical organizational configuration, and associated situational factors.

               The findings revealed that strategy and goal, sector, and technology were significantly classifying factors of OIR locations; while locating the OIR under the vice-president for planning or the vice-president for research, IR-mission focused, and years of IR operation were factors related to the effective OIR. The matrix organizational structure of the OIR was developed from the integrated QUAN and Qual research results, and then evaluated and suggested for the improvement by experts in IR and university administration. The new adapted organizational structure relocated an OIR to under the VP for planning. At the same time, coordination with staff from other related functions oversight by the VP for research (including the VPs for other affairs) who helped support conduct of IR and using the results for decision making.


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