Uncorrupted Thai Graduates from Transparent Universities

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Atchara Chaiyoopatham


              This article is a brief outline of a project proposed by the Office of the Higher Education Commission (OHEC), Thailand .  It was conducted over a period of 4 Years involving 45 Higher Education Institutes of Education in the North Central Area in Thailand, being actively involved with Chulalongkorn University the head/ center of the network.  The aim of the project was to propose strategies toward the enhancement of the development of loyalty, responsibility, morality, ethics and good governance.  The project was titled  “Uncorrupted Thai Graduates”  In this regards, higher education institutes in the network was provided with an opportunity to collaboratively arrange the student development projects with an emphasis on the provision of knowledge and continued practice activities.  The developmental activities for lecturers were organized to enable them to developmental strategies for enhancing the values of sufficiency and responsibility, which are the cornerstones of Loyalty and Honesty.  It was found that the collaborative learning network at the lecturer and student levels were integral to the achievement of success in developing the students’ morality and loyalty.  It contributes to the creation of a wide range of innovations and sustainable imbuement of morality, loyalty and responsibility in Thai Graduates’ conscience.


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