Using Video Self-Assessment to Improve Students English Oral Presentation Skills

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Suphatra Sucharitrak


               The study aimed to explore the effectiveness of using video clip based self-assessment to improve students’ performance of English oral presentation skills and investigate students’ reaction towards the use of video clip based self-assessment. The participants were 30 senior year students of the English Language major studying the Project Presentation course. Two videos clips were recorded of each student while they were giving their presentation on topics of their choice. The self-assessment tools were developed and used to assess students’ presentation performance on the course. The results revealed that video clip based self-assessment can reveal to students their presentation style strengths and weaknesses. The video clip can define the useful improvement areas to the participant such as presentation structure, content organization, presentation techniques, timing and pacing. Other improvement areas were also noted including facial expression and body language; moreover, watching the video clips can lower students’ anxiety and increase confidence when presenting.


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