Human Resource Management and Development in Thailand 4.0: A Case Study of Financial Institutions, Banks

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Wiriya Leelasutanon
Sombat Kusumavalee


                Research: Human Resource Management and Development in Thailand 4.0: A Case Study of Financial Institutions focusing on Banks. This research aims to study the direction and trend of human resource management and development of financial institutions in Thailand 4.0.

               The research method chosen was qualitative research and semi-structured interviews were used as a research tool. Five of the research participants are Human Resource Managers for various banking institutions in Thailand and two of the research participants are active in Human Resource Development.

               This research analyzes directions and trends in Human Resource Management in 3 main processes. And the research found that :

               1)  Acquiring Human Resource, there is a tendency in the planning of human resources for slowing down manpower and bringing in modern technology to replace jobs. The use of digital technology integrated with social media develops channels to recruit and develop a selection system to compete and attract potential employers.

               2)  Maintaining Human Resources means that the Annual Compensation Survey system has to be improved to fit with the expectations of the modern age. Allowing special compensation rates for potential employees based on employee experience.

               3)  Human resource management tends to focus on developing and improving processes that are called discovery skills which is an innovative concept that allows employees to learn new skills using technology. To provide opportunities for staff to plan their career progress to organize and develop banking institutions. There is a tendency to improve
the structure of work to be faster and more flexible.

               The researcher has analyzed and synthesized in 5 ways:

                    1) Keep up with change and learn continuously.

                    2) Develop a working style.

                    3) Create a good experience for employee

                    4) Transform the Human Resource role to a facilitating role.

                    5) To improve the skills needed for work.


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