Motivational Factors of Manga and Anime for Thai Learners of Japanese in Thailand

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Kazuyoshi Tajima


               Having a clear understanding of the motivational factors attributed to the desire to study a second language is integral for teachers, teaching methods, teaching aids, teaching material producers, and ultimately the learners. To date there has been little research regarding specific motivational factors for the desire of Thai students to acquire Japanese as a second language.

               The purpose of this study was to examine the influence of Manga and Anime on Thai students.  The study examined subjects who were studying Business Japanese as an academic major at a university in Nonthaburi. The aim of this study was to assess the influence and motivational factors of Japanese popular media specifically 'Manga and Anime', on Thai learners of Japanese. Manga is defined as print media similar to 'comic books'. Anime refers to animated motion pictures similar to 'cartoons'.

               The aim of this research project was to investigate two factors. One factor was to determine the proportion of students within the Japanese business program who were interested in Manga and Anime, to those who were less interested in such media. The second factor was to determine the variations in motivation toward studying Japanese by comparing students who appeared to have a high interest in Manga and Anime, to those who appeared to have less interest in such media. One hundred and four (104) Thai undergraduate students studying Japanese participated in this quantitative study. The study revealed that 71.2% of the student respondents expressed a high interest in Manga and Anime.


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