Student Perception’s, Motivation, and Anxiety in Learning English as Lingua Franca: An Action Research in EFL setting

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Osman Ayub Suleman


               English as a Lingua Franca refers to English used as medium of communication among speakers of various firs languages, whether from personal choice of through some kind of coercion. English as Lingua franca (ELF) has been introduced and has largest number of users of English worldwide, of whom the vast majorities are non-native speakers. Evidently, Thailand is one the nonnative countries who use ELF in educational and out of class settings, however, several researches have studied the three important dimensions which are Perception, Motivation, and Anxiety of Learning English as Lingua Franca into action research. To fill the gap, this study aims to investigate the three dimensions of LEaLF in a Thai setting. This paper ought to answer the following questions (I) what are the primary motivation of the Thai students in LEaLF (ii) how these motivations lead their perceptions in LEaLF and (iii) what are the anxiety levels that occurred during the LEaLF process. Finally, conclusion and implications of this study are made.


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