Target Groups and Promotion Factors in Development Related to Local Communities Participation in Preserving the Payabangsa Community at Satun Province

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Thawatchai Sripornngam
Narawadee Buakwan
Wanida Petlamul
Kriangsak Rattakul
Ampon Shoosanuk


               The purposes of this research were to identify target groups that should encourage more participation and to identify promotion factors related to participation in the development of Payabangsa community learning center. This research was a comparative study of conceptual frameworks based on popular interpersonal theory models, as well as important theories and principles in psychology both domestically and internationally. The samples were 581 villagers aged 18 and over in Payabangsa community in Satun province. They were selected without probability, using a convenient sample selection. Data collection was done by a variable measurement tool (11 episodes). This measure has an alpha coefficient of confidence between .84 and .96. Statistics used are multiple regression analysis. The data were analyzed in total groups and 18 subgroups, based on biophysical characteristics and background.

               The results showed that the villagers who should be encouraged to have a positive attitude towards the community learning center, to be ready to support the community learning center and to participate in the development of community learning center were the first group of people who have never participated in the activity. In addition, the important factors of the participation in the development of community learning centers of non-participating villagers were the awareness of community information center, mental health and social support from the government.

               The results of this research can be presented as a practical suggestion to relevant agencies in the field of community development as well as a basis for furthering research into a study of participatory behavior in the future.


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