Failure to Use Telecenter for Bridging the Divide of E-Government : A Thai Village Case Study

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Rewat Sangsuriyong


                This article, based on mixed-method research, was aimed at analyzing problems of using e-government services. The data were obtained through reviewing documents, mapping locations, observing what happened in the field, interviewing key informants, and conducting questionnaire survey among household leaders in a rural village of an Eastern Thai province. Results of the study found that failure to use telecenter for bridging the divide of e-government according to government’s policy depended on not only readiness of telecenter in providing services, but also the readiness of people in using the services. Instead of using telecenter in their own village, whenever people needed any governmental services, they preferred to contact the government officials directly at the offices. Among villagers, direct contact with government officials is the cultural practice or way of life in receiving services; they felt more comfortable than dealing with online technology.


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