Public Perception of Police Deviance Pursuant to Organizational Deviance, Occupational Deviance, and Abusive Authority

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Vatt Bankoson


            The objectives of the research entitled “Public perception of police deviance pursuant to organizational deviance, occupational deviance, and abusive authority” were to,  1) discuss the model, 2) explore the danger, and 3) determine the correlations of Police Deviance Dimensions. The survey used mixed methods by analyzing earlier studies, reviewing deviant case studies, and mixing interviews at the Public Complaints Center. Data were gathered during one month from 300 public making contacts at the Royal Thai Police stations nationwide.

            The findings portrayed the insights about Police Deviance as a total category involving Organizational Deviance/OrD, Occupational Deviance/OcD, and Abusive Authority/AA, as main categories, highlighting the visions that Use of Force and Violence in AA, Protection of Illegal Activities in OcD, and Political Deviance in OrD were at the dangerous level, while other subcategories were at the moderate level. The danger of linear positive relationships in main categories was significantly dangerous. The dangerous relationships between main categories and Police Deviance were statistically very dangerous. The Police Deviance Dimensions suggests innovative surveillance measurements over anti-deviance systems.


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