Change Beliefs of Gambling Behavior in Thai Society

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Supit Boonlab
Pattama Pasitpakakul


                 The aim of this study is to investigate and review different Thai gambler’s behavior from past to present gambling styles. It uses qualitative methods to collect data with in-depth interviews of 10 gamblers through the snowball technique. The interviews use a through video call with an unstandardized form. The results reveal that 1) currently there are many types of online gambling where players can bet via a website. This is a new gambling style that is different from original gambling style which is typically between a gambler and gambling host; 2) gamblers play more often anytime during the day and anywhere with a variety of gambling programs via smart phone, tablet, or computer; 3) technology devices have a strong influence on gambler’s behavior, i.e., Facebook and LINE; 4) The beliefs change along variety of gambling programs so those (superstition, faith, angles, holiness, and other situations) beliefs in the past were eliminated and new gambling styles (superstition and technology devices that guide to player) were created in their place; 5) the cashless society from technology and government significant impacts the new gambling behaviors by allowing internet banking for player credit.


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