Investigating Thailand’s self-perception in the regional context towards ASEAN

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Katsamaporn Rakson


              In the post-war era, empirical puzzles between realist theory and regional institutions have steered many researchers to investigate how small states play a role in the politics of regionalism. Because of the extremely perilous position of small states, they desire to overcome the vulnerability of smallness in economic, security and political affairs. This study argues that based on the powerlessness, Thailand has been continued playing its constructive roles in regional cooperation, within ASEAN. Data was collected by means of literature review including policy documents and memoirs. This study concludes that significant roles of Thailand have been influential in the regional context towards strengthening its regional resilience, as well as in the international level especially in their relationship with greater powers. Implications of Thailand’s self-perception in regional cooperation towards ASEAN could be enhancement of Thai foreign policy towards regional cooperation. The question of the constructive roles of Thailand, based on its power ambitions in the region, is influential in this regard.


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