Family Communication Patterns and Conflict Management Styles Young Adults Use with Their Parent in Chiang Mai Thailand

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Benya Lertsuwan
Claudia L. Hale


              This study examined how family communication patterns influence Thai young adults in Chiang Mai reported conflict management style when they have opinions that are inconsistent with the opinions of their parents. The respondents were 200 young adults who were residents of Chiang Mai Province. A self-administered questionnaire was used for data collection. A one-way MANOVA was used to analyze the data. Most of the participants reported their family communication pattern as being that of a consensual style (33%) and reported themselves as using an integrating conflict management style (39.5%) when engaged in incompatible communication with their parents. The participants whose families employ a consensual communication style use all five-conflict styles (integrating, compromising, obliging, avoiding, and dominating) when they engage in a conflict with their parents.

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