Relation and Importance of Sense with Identity Formation of City

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Chutima Rungrojpanichakul


                Sense of Place is the relationship between people and place that is the basic perception thru 5 human senses, are sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch.  This kind of perception is to collect the experiences related to way of life through the traditional culture, which caused the specific character of that area.  To convey the feeling of that area will be able to see the unique identity of that place as well.  The tool that can communicate those feelings should be able to convey the thinking system, which Graphic is one of the tools that can convey those from abstract to concrete in simple forms thru the scope of 8 main variables, which are Plane 1 and 2 dimension, size, value, texture, color, orientation and shape.  These scopes create the Content and Form that make effective communication on target, so the designers in present day are interested in the concept of using 5 human senses for further creation.


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