The Influence of Leader Behaviour, Creative Leadership, and Good Governance for Thailand 4.0

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Suwattana Tungsawat


              In the development toward Thailand 4.0, many organisations have adapted themselves in order to survive. The key players in this process are leaders within an organisation that improve the efficacy of management systems. As a result, many scholars are interested in studying this process, and have concluded that leadership can increase the performance of organisations. However, the study of professional performance as it relates to professional leaders has not been conclusive. The purpose of this study was to research the effects of leadership factors, creative leadership, good governance in management, and individual leaders’ management competencies. A structural equation model was developed, which was used to compare public and private organisations. Data were collected from 500 samples of employees from both types of organisations. Using the structural equation modeling analysis, the results show that leadership behaviour influences creative leadership and the use of good governance. It does not affect the performance of professional management. Good governance in management has a significant impact on professional management competency. The study also found that creative leadership influences the use of good governance in management, but does not affect professional management competencies. Moreover, the structural equation models developed in this study can be applied to enhance the professional performance of leaders in the context of public and private organisations.


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