Cultural Probe method as a tool of design ideas for enhancing experience city strategy.

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Fonthip Rangsitsawat


               “Experience City” is a city branding concept in this research which aims to provide economic growth opportunities and to improve the well-being of residents. This research is a part of PhD research that aims to explore the user needs and user motivation related to the proposed design ideas for the Experience City strategy. The focus of the study is on tourism experiences in the city of Nakhon Si Thammarat, Southern Thailand, used in the research as a case study.

               A Cultural Probe, a method used to gather information about people and their activities, is used in the research to explore the tangible and intangible aspects of the tourism experience. The experimental process has involved three main stages of the tourism activity, namely: pre-journey, during the journey, and post-journey with each stage providing different activities to approach its objectives. Participants in the study were required to follow the activities shown in the “Experience Journey Book” by using all items in the cultural probe kit.

               The results from cultural probe method will be analyzed to create a visual communication design, aimed at enhancing the Experience City strategy. It is expected to be an alternative solution tool in order to achieve the transactional way for the Experience City branding, based on the attraction of tourism dimension.


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