Knowledge and Knowledge Management of Herb and Yam Khang Treatment of School of Traditional and Alternative Medicine, Chiang Rai Rajabhat University

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Theraphat Chaiphiphat
Sidthinat Prabudhanitisarn


              The study attempted to develop and manage knowledge of oriental traditional medicine to improve the connection with western medicine. Limitation on comparing with western medicine was due to lack of in-depth analysis on knowledge and management of some successful cases of western medical treatment. Therefore, this study aimed to analyze knowledge management by using Yam Khang treatment as a case study, which the concept of knowledge and knowledge management was used to 1) collect and analyze the treatment knowledge, and 2) analyze and interpret the treatment result with knowledge of oriental traditional medical comparing with western medical knowledge as done by School of Traditional and Alternative Medicine, Chiang Rai Rajabhat University. The study reviewed literatures, captured and organized the tacit knowledge of muscle and ligament pain from successful traditional healer. The results found that the knowledge of four-element balance is complicate and effective. The patients were obviously recovered after applying Yam Khang treatment using heat from burned Khang plate accompany with heat from Plai’s active ingredient (providing heating action as synergist of burned Khang plate’s heat) to balance the subsystem of four elements or increase mass of dynamic elements. Explanation of this study may improve the connection between oriental and western medicine and may support interpretation of the case study on oriental medicine for society of modern medicine.


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