The Antecedent of Student Expectation in Higher Education Service and The Moderating Role of Campus Locations

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Chartaya Nilplub
Pranee Sakullikareatesima
Atcharawan Thaodon
Sukanda Klinkajorn


             The objective of this study is to examine the roles of various sources of information as the antecedents of student expectation on higher education service and to examine the moderating effect of campus location. Using structural equation modeling, the empirical results based on a representative sample of 434 undergraduate students reveal that personal needs, price, and word of mouth significantly affect student expectation on higher education service. The implications of these results suggest that university marketing communication team should keep in mind that investment on other drivers is unlikely to manipulate student expectation. They should focus more heavily on student internal desire and pricing strategies. They should also build personal connections with student’s family members and friends as they are the key influencer. Campus location significantly moderates the relationship between price and expectation. It is suggested that university could segment student according to geographical locations and socioeconomic status of that region in their marketing communication.


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Humanities, Social Sciences, and Arts
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Pranee Sakullikareatesima, Faculty of Business Administration Rajamangala University of Technology Isan.