The Needs of Information Communication and Technological Management in a Private School's Transformation into a Digital School

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Supattraporn Upapong
Nawanit Songkram
Chaiyong Brahmawong


             In this study proposed priority needs of school information communication and technological management in private primary schools to become a digital school. The data were collected from 123 private school principals (n=123) and 123 teachers (n=123) using questionnaires. The statistics; frequencies, percentage, mean and SD were used to analyze the data. The result showed that the needs for transforming to a digital school in which it were divided in 4 dimensions 1.) Student's dimension; the teacher uses technology to address the student’s individual problems and to present additional information and resources for them to review the lesson. 2.) People's dimension; professional development is needed to improve teacher’s technological knowledges and skills in order to utilizing technology into his/her classroom regularly. 3.) Operational Process dimension; the teacher takes advantages of open-online resources to enhance their instruction. 4.) Educational Organization Model dimension; the teacher takes distance learning and utilize it into their classrooms.  Based on the results of the study, that was presented to orient the Thai educational policy makers and school leaders to identify the transforming visions for their organization. And this also was presented to the other countries that have a similar context in order to be prepared schools especially in rural areas in transforming them into digital schools. 


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