An Appropriate Integrated Marketing Communication for Thai Rice Barge Dinner Cruise Business in Bangkok

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Busarin Wongwiwattana
Nopparat Boonpienpon


                Thai rice barge dinner cruise business is one of the popularity business in Bangkok.  This business is not only the tourism business itself, but also represent Thai cuisine under Thai culture with Thai atmosphere.  Therefore, in order to maintain the business survivor under the high competitive environment and preserve with Thainess, then, the concept of an appropriated integrated marketing communication attributes were applied.  The aim of this study is to find an appropriated process and integrated marketing communication attributes for Thai rice barge dinner business in Bangkok.  The qualitative research method is applied with an in-depth interviewing technique.  All twelve key informants are experts in Thai rice barge dinner cruise business with work experience and background in Thai rice barge filed only.   The structure questions for interviewing were developed from various documentary sources.  In addition, the data triangulation method were applied under the context of position, people and time consecutively. (Denzin, 2006)

               The research revealed that there are five essential processes of integrated marketing communication could be applied with Thai rice barge dinner cruise business.  All these processes would assist all Thai rice barge business to construct their marketing strategy properly, while, it could be an indicator for business performance as well.  In term of an appropriate integrated marketing communication attributes, it found that there are five effectiveness attributes as; 1) advertising, 2) sales promotion, 3) personal selling, 4) public relation, and 5) special event and sponsorship consecutively.  With all these integrated marketing communication attributes would generate the positive outcome for Thai rice barge dinner cruise businesses in Bangkok, in both term of profitability and reputation as Thai culture representative. Therefore, each Thai rice barge business could be able to apply all these attributes under the context of their business establishment, purpose and success goals individually, where, the result will reflect not only their business itself, but also the whole picture of Thailand business properly.


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