Using 4MAT Teaching Model to Enhance Students’ Achievement and to Maintain Retention in Mathematics

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Thanida Ruangtrakun
Supotch Chaiyasang


The objectives of this classroom action research were to enhance students’ achievement and to maintain students’ retention in mathematics by using 4MAT teaching model. The participants were 30 grade 10 students who enrolled in the first semester of academic year 2017 at a secondary school in Bangkok, Thailand. The topic used in this study was elementary sets. To enhance students’ achievement and to maintain students’ retention, 7 lesson plans integrated 4MAT teaching model were developed. Teaching and learning lasted 14 periods with 50 minutes in each period. There were three cycles of action plan (plan, do, check, and reflect). Data were collected from summative test and teacher’s reflections. Summative test was used to measure students’ achievement. The results showed the students’ achievement was enhanced to the levels required by the researcher. That was at least 70% of students passed 70% total score. After 14 days, the summative test was also used again to measure students’ retention. The results from t-dependent test showed the students still maintained their retention.


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