The Art of Drawing and Painting with the Original Through Touch-Screen Monitor by The Congenital Totally Blind

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Sanchai Santiwes


            The purpose of this research was to establish the method and device utilizing the touchscreen technology and computer software specially developed for this research.  Color values are converted to sound pitch of musical notes in order to perceive colors and shapes of painting arts, drawings and the ability to paint through touching the original painting art. Therefore, everyone can appreciate art.

            This study is a qualitative research applying case studied and applied research method. The methodology and tools for data collection are note-taking, interviewing, observation, conversation recording, photography, videotaping and painting test.  The samples of the study are the high school students who are congenital totally blind. Since this research is still at the beginning phase, color palettes defined for the beginners were only 12 shades which are enough and appropriate for basic application.

            The research methodology began with the subject touched the original painting art utilizing touch-screen monitor and remembered the sound pitch that appeared in positions and dimensions of the picture spatial. After that, the subject drew and painted animating the original painting art. The result of the research found that sound pitch of musical notes can be used to represent colors, which hearing is used instead of vision. The samples are able to perceive the approximate colors and shapes of painting art and able to draw and paint similar to the original. Moreover, they enjoy and satisfy with the activity of this research. In addition, the device developed from this research can be used for any other kinds of the blinds and can be applied in Art Education for the blind students.


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