Design Guidelines for Recreation Area of Romklao Kallapruek Park in Khon Kaen University

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Nitiwadee Tongpong



               This article aims to present the aesthetic factors, enhancing activities in recreation areas, together with physical factors of areas. Apart from these factors, there are other factors encouraging present activities, which lead to variety of activities, both active and passive recreation, based on ways of living. The areas offer open space and other space for various aesthetic activities, and the design of recreation area including trees providing shady areas and street furniture supports the different kinds of activities, the feature of the area, and its use. In addition, these factors are helpful in helping the areas capable of responding to users’ need efficiently.

            This research studied, collected, and analyzed the significant aspects, by qualitative data collection and qualitative data analysis, to contribute the guideline for the design of recreation areas. Accordingly, the result is useful for guiding the design and development of the recreation areas to satisfy users’ behavior aesthetically. According to the result of the study, the factors supporting recreation activities include the safety of users, the activities attracting users to create the lively environment, and the operation and maintenance of the areas. Consequently, these factors are correlated, and supportive for creating aesthetics in recreation areas.

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