About the Journal

Journal Name: Journal of Applied Animal Science

Abbreviation Name: J Appl Anim Sci

ISSN: 1906-2257

Focus and Scope

The philosophy of the Faculty of Veterinary Science, Mahidol University, is “One Health”, i.e., to interweave the disciplines of veterinary sciences with medical sciences for extreme advantages to human, animals and environment. The Journal of Applied Animal Science (JAAS), is a peered review journal which published 2 numbers (January-June, July-December) a year by Faculty of Veterinary Science, Mahidol University, accepts manuscripts presenting information for publication with this philosophy in mind. Articles published in JAAS include a broad range of research topics in veterinary science, animal science, animal husbandry, animal production and fundamental aspects of genetics, nutrition, physiology, and preparation and utilization of animal products. Articles typically report research with cattle, companion animals, goats, horses, pigs, and sheep; however, studies involving other farm animals, aquatic and wildlife species, and laboratory animal species that address fundamental questions related to livestock and companion animal biology will be considered for publication.

Peer Review Process

Articles that are published by our journal are double-blind, peer-reviewed by at least three experts. In this review process, the listing of the name(s) of the author(s), acknowledgements and references to author contributions must be removed from the manuscript and posted into the Title page file. The average time from submission to first decision will be one month.

Types of articles

Research article, review article, short communication and case report


English or Thai

Publication Frequency

2 issues/year

  • January-June 
  • July-December

Article processing charge: No submission and publication charges


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