Effects of a Standardized Extract of Centella asiatica ECa 233 on Clinical Parameters and Radiography Using Computed Tomography in Dogs with Osteoarthritis


  • Somkiat Huaijantug Department of Clinical Sciences and Public Health, Faculty of Veterinary Science, Mahidol University
  • Mayuree H.Tantisira Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Burapha University
  • Pataraporn Harirugskul Sixth year student, Faculty of Veterinary Science, Mahidol University
  • Kittiya Bunaim Sixth year student, Faculty of Veterinary Science, Mahidol University
  • Tadsaneeya Singtana Sixth year student, Faculty of Veterinary Science, Mahidol University
  • Noppawan Phumala Morales Department of Phamacology, Faculty of Science, Mahidol University
  • Paranee Yatmark Department of Pre-clinic and Applied Animal Science, Faculty of Veterinary Science, Mahidol University


Computed tomography, dogs, ECa233, Osteoarthritis, Radiography


Osteoarthritis in dogs is a chronic disease that causes pain from inflammation of the joints. For treatment, medication is only used for the relief of the pain and inflammation of the joints. Side effects of long-term treatment affect multiple systems. This study aimed to evaluate the effects of a standardized extract of Centella asiatica (ECa 233) in dogs with osteoarthritis by examining the clinical score, C-reactive protein (CRP), radiographs, and computed tomography (CT) imaging. Eight dogs were diagnosed with osteoarthritis. The Eca 233 was given to the dogs orally at a dose of 10 mg/kg once a day for 28 days. Results showed that the clinical evaluation found that most parameters showed improvement compared to pretreatment. The mean clinical lameness score after treatment was found to have decreased significantly from 2.13±1.36 to 0.5±0.93 (p=0.01). Both the mean CRP values and radiographic score had decreased insignificantly. The average CT Hounsfield unit (HU) value was also decreased significantly, which indicated that ECa233 improved the soft tissue around the joint and the function of the osteoarthritis joint. These results showed that ECa233 reduced the pain and inflammatory reaction resulting in better walking ability and life quality in dogs with osteoarthritis. 


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