Sexual Dysfunction in Pre-dialysis Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease Nurses’ Roles

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Krittiya Ponganusorn
Kantaporn Yodchai
Ploenpit Thaniwattananon


        Sexual dysfunction is a common symptom among pre-dialysis patients with chronic kidney disease. Sexual dysfunction affects relationships of patients and their partner. This article aimed to review the evidence about sexual dysfunction, related factors and nurse’s role in sexual dysfunction management among pre-dialysis patients with chronic kidney disease. Factors related to sexual dysfunction among patients were abnormal sex hormone, comorbidities, drugs, psychological factors, advanced age, anemia, socioeconomic factors, smoking and alcohol. Nurses can play a role in managing symptoms of sexual dysfunction among pre-dialysis patients with chronic kidney disease by providing valuable suggestions and knowledge, and promoting marital adjustment to improve sexual life and quality of life.

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Ponganusorn, K. ., Yodchai, K., & Thaniwattananon, P. (2021). Sexual Dysfunction in Pre-dialysis Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease: Nurses’ Roles . Nursing Science Journal of Thailand, 39(2), 1–11. Retrieved from
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