The Effect of a Supportive - educative Nursing Program on Maternal Behavior in Care for Children with Acute Respiratory Infection

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Somrude Lerdngammongkolkul
Kaimook Wichiencharoen
Apawan Nookong


Purpose: Effect of a supportive-educative nursing program on maternal behavior in care forchildren with acute respiratory infection.

Design: Quasi-experimental research.

Methods: The sample comprised 47 mothers who had children aged less than five years with acuterespiratory infection. These children were admitted to Pediatric Departments at Prapokklao Hospital.The 23 mothers in the control group received routine nursing care and the 24 mothers in theexperimental group received the supportive-educative nursing program consisting of 2-day meetingswith the researcher, distribution of a booklet of the care for children with acute respiratory infection, anda telephone follow-up after the meeting. Data were collected by using a maternal care behaviorquestionnaire and analyzed using frequency, percentage, chi-square, and t-test.

Main findings: The mean scores of maternal care behavior in the experimental group weresignificantly higher than that in the control group (t = -11.13, p < .001)

Conclusion and recommendations: The supportive-educative nursing program effectivelyimproved maternal behavior in care for children with acute respiratory infection. It is very important toimplement the program on the first day of the admission. Good relationship between nurses andmothers built on the first day will help enhance continuous learning and confidence in providing care.

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Lerdngammongkolkul, S., Wichiencharoen, K., & Nookong, A. (2011). The Effect of a Supportive - educative Nursing Program on Maternal Behavior in Care for Children with Acute Respiratory Infection. Nursing Science Journal of Thailand, 29(4), 54–60. Retrieved from
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