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Theerachai Apivatthakakul, MD


            The Thai Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery Volume 45 / Number 3-4 July-October 2021 is continue to published in this period of the COVID-19 pandemic. The third and fourth wave of the pandemic hit Thailand hardly started from mid April which effect the Orthopaedic treatment and the training program. The elective surgery has to be postponed, only the urgency and emergency cases can be done with limited resource. The RCOST 2021 meeting will be held at Royal Cliff Beach resort with the new hybrid format under strictly COVID-19  regulation. The onsite meeting and online meeting is possible for all RCOST members. However, the academic activities including the RCOST journal still moving forward. This issue in your hand consists of several interesting articles with 6 original papers from 5 subspecialtly including; spine, foot and ankle, arthroplasty, sports and hand.

            Our journal is making progress in a positive way with supporting from the RCOST committee and all RCOST members who submit their valuable work in Orthopaedic field to demonstrated the up to date knowledge and skill or basic knowledge of Administration system to improve national policy in treating Orthopaedic patients. We hope we will pass this pandemic in very near future and setup not only the new normal for life but also for the new normal treatment for our patient.    


Professor Theerachai Apivatthakakul, M.D.

Editor, The Thai Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery


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