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Sasipimon Pornchalitkittiporn
Tepprasit Gulthawatvichai


Abstract Purpose The purpose of this study was to compare job performance achievement motivation of personal trainers in fitness center in Bangkok. Methods A total of 400 personal trainers in fitness center in Bangkok participated in this study. The data were collected through questionnaires with the content validity of 0.96 and Cronbach’s Alpha coefficient of 0.94. Results Overally, the results showed that the job performance achievement motivation was high in all aspects examined. The highest order was to know the outcome of their decisions, followed by the diligence of forcasting, risk taking, working management, competition, and the self responsibility, respectively. In addition, it was found that the gender had influenced on forcasting, working management, and the favor of competition (p<0.05). Moreover, the certified personal trainers had a relative high job performance motivation in risk taking, diligence, and need to know the results one’s own decision making compared to uncertified personal trainer counterparts. Conclusion The personal trainers in fitness centers in Bangkok has high job performance achievement motivation. The results also indicate that gender and whether certified or uncertified personal trainers has a significant impact on job performance achievement motivation.


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Pornchalitkittiporn, S. ., & Gulthawatvichai, T. . (2021). JOB PERFORMANCE ACHIEVEMENT MOTIVATION OF PERSONAL TRAINER AT FITNESS CENTER IN BANGKOK. Journal of Sports Science and Health, 22(3), 370–383. Retrieved from
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