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Parichat Tananja
Suchitra Sukhonthasab


Purpose: The objectives of this research were to study health literacy level in hypertension of taxi drivers in Bangkok Metropolitan and to compare the health literacy level in hypertension, according to age and education levels.

Method: The participants of this research were 468 taxi drivers in Bangkok Metropolitan, both the types of normal person and juristic person who used a service of vehicle inspection in Bangkok Land Transport Office Area 5 (Chatuchak) on February 2023. The participants were selected based on an accidental sampling. A research instrument was the health literacy of hypertension test consists of the demographic questionnaire and the health literacy of hypertension test. The quantitative data were analyzed using statistics, including frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation and one-way ANOVA. A pairwise comparison was conducted by using LSD. The statistically significant was set at p <0.05.

Result: Most of the participants had a low level of health literacy in hypertension (88.03%). Considering each aspect, found that health care, disease prevention and health promotion were at a low level. When personal factors, including age and education level were compared, the participants with difference age had no difference of health literacy score with statistically significant at 0.05. The participants who graduated from elementary school had the lowest level of health literacy score and had different from groups with other higher levels of education with a statistically significant at 0.05.

Conclusion: The taxi drivers in Bangkok Metropolitan had a low level of health literacy in hypertension and low level in all aspects. The taxi drivers who difference age had no difference of health literacy score and who graduated from elementary school had the lowest level of health literacy score.


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