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Sangarun Kaewcham
Wannaporn Tongtako


Purpose: This study aimed to determine the effects of surf skateboard training on quality of life in University students.

Method: Twenty University students from Phetchaburi province, ages 20.5 years, were randomlyassigned into two groups: a control (CG; n=10) and surf skateboarding (SG; n=10) groups. The surfskateboard training group received an eight-week intervention consisting of three 60-minute weeklysessions, while the control group continued their normal daily lives. The quality of life variables using a quality of life measure of the World Health Organization, abbreviated Thai version (WHOQOL-BREF-THAI) wasassessed before and after eight weeks. Pre-and post-test paired t-tests were used to compare group-dependent variables.Variables were analyzed using independent t-tests between the CG and SG groups. Differences were considered significant at p <.05

Results: The results indicated that after eight weeks of Surf skateboard training, the SG groupdemonstrated significantly higher scores in The morality and ethics aspect (mean=3.58), followed by the physical aspect, mental aspect, and social and environmental aspect. and family relationships (with mean values of 3.28, 3.17, 3.12, and 2.52, respectively) as moral values and overall quality of life when compared topre-test and the CG group (p<.05)

Conclusion: The findings suggest that Surf skateboard training is an effective physical activity intervention to improve the quality of life in University students.


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