Comparisons of the Short Term Effect between Ultrasound Therapy and Low Power Laser Therapy on Pain and Range of Ankle Joint Motion in Persons with Plantar Fasciitis: A Pilot Study

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The purpose of this quasi-experimental two-group pretest-posttest study was to compare the short term effect between ultrasound therapy and low power laser on pain, ankle joint range of motion, and foot functional capacity in plantar fasciitis. Ten participants with plantar fasciitis were randomly allocated into 2 groups of either the ultrasound therapy (5 persons) or the low power laser therapy (5 persons) for a 2-weeks treatment.

The result showed that participants in both groups (within groups after treatment for 2 weeks) were statistically significantly more decreased in plantar pain, and more increased range of motion of ankle joint and foot functional capacity (p<.05) than before the treatments. Except for the low power laser therapy, it was not increased in ankle dorsiflexion and foot functional capacity (p>.05). When comparing between two groups, there were no significant difference in increasing range of motion and foot functional capacity (p>.05).  However, participants in the ultrasound therapy group has shown more advantage in decrease plantar pain (p>.05).  In conclusion, these results suggest that the ultrasound therapy or low power laser can be an alternative choice to treat patients with plantar fasciitis to improve pain, range of ankle joint motion and foot functional capacity at 2 weeks follow up.


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