Transition Experiences of Nursing Students’ Clinical Initial Practice

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This research objective was to describe the core essence of transition experiences of nursing students’ clinical initial practice in hospitals. Transcendental phenomenology was used in this study. Research informants were 14 students studying the first nursing practicum subject for more than 5 days or 40 hours. Data were collected by in-depth interview and purposive sampling was used in this study. Colaizzi procedural steps were guided for analysis.

          The results showed that lived experiences of nursing students during their initial professional practices in hospitals including: 1) Before practicing professional experiences 2) Endeavour to live a smooth live during practice 3) Learning from practice experiences on the ward and 4) Opening the door to the world of nursing. 

The results of this study can be used as general information for nursing instructors effectively manage teaching method for practical section more effective. To help nursing students progress through life experiences in practice on the hospital ward as well.


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