The Effect of Oral Hygiene Promotion Program on Dental Caries Prevention Behaviors among Sixth Grade Students, Trang Province

  • Benjawan Chuykeaw
  • Janpen Leartwanawattana
  • Wararat Tiprat
Keywords: oral hygiene promotion program, dental caries prevention behavior, sixth grade student


This quasi-experimental research aimed to examine the effect of an oral hygiene promotion
program on dental caries prevention behavior among primary school students. The sample was
42 sixth grade students in the municipality school in Trang province. The random sample with
matched-pair technique was used to divide the sample into experimental and control groups, with
21 students per group. The experimental group received an oral hygiene promotion program for two
weeks (60 minutes per week), while the control group received routine care. Data were collected by
using a demographic record form and a dental caries prevention behavior questionnaire. The Cronbach
Alpha Coeffcient of the questionnaires was .86. The data were analyzed by descriptive statistics and
The results showed that the experimental group, after receiving the oral health promotion
program, had mean scores of dental caries prevention behaviors signifcantly higher than before
receiving the program (p < .05) and signifcantly higher than in control group (p < .05). These fndings
suggest that primary school health nurses, principals and teachers should continue implementing the
program to reduce dental caries and should make the program available for all students.


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